Are you ready for a new direction?

If you google #OutsourcedAccounting the search results will inevitably return every accountant in the stratosphere that wants to take over your back-office bookkeeping and pay your bills. Chances are you might even return #WVCRubixCloud. We fall into the category of “taking over your back-office transactions”. However, I think it’s important to explain why we differ from the competition.

Change is difficult and often requires a reality adjustment. Many organizations today are plodding along with processes that they have built, grown with, and sufficed. What I mean by that, is the processes to perform the accounting and related functions are serving the business purpose because the business purpose has also evolved with the processes. Until someone can show you a better way, you just keep doing it the way you are doing it. That’s where we are different. Many prospective clients assume that we are going to take over their accounting and do it the way they are doing it, but there would be little value in the service that we provide if we maintain the status quo.

As a CPA, I have done a significant amount of traditional accounting work over the years, but my passion and specialty truly is transformation. What does that mean? First, let me define transformation. According to

“Transformation is a process of profound and radical change that orients an organization in a new direction and takes it to an entirely different level of effectiveness.”

I love the essence of this definition! Who wouldn’t welcome change that results in an entirely different level of effectiveness? That being said, many organizations are apprehensive to embrace the concept a new direction because they are afraid of change. It’s normal to fear change, but completely rejecting change can cripple growth and even sustainability.

My skillset and experience have provided me with a unique ability to assess and detail the processes in your organization that are holding you back. Once I have uncovered the areas of improvement, then I will identify best practices with suggested solutions on exactly how and why you should change.

For example, while reviewing how you are currently processing daily transactions, I can trace where those transactions touch many other parts of the  organization.  The revenue cycle inevitably touches your customer- which is a forward-facing position. Do you want to appear to your customers as though you are plodding along?

What about payroll? Your payroll process has a direct impact on your employees. How do you want to appear to the people who are helping to make your business successful?

What about the accounts payable process? Are you still writing checks? Are you paying late? Are you filing paper invoices after you spend an hour signing checks? Is that how you wish to appear to your vendors (who are likely supplying your competitors as well)?

Appearances are important, but there is much more to gain from transforming your accounting and back office operations to be the highest and best.  At WVC RubixCloud, we are poised to help you get from point A to point B, not just by taking over the accounting function, but by transforming it to an entirely different level of effectiveness. Want to learn more?  Give me a call and let’s talk about how we might be able to help your business.