Outsourcing & Innovation

As technology continues to advance and market trends fluctuate, innovation is a must. Organizations must consistently re-invent and transform to ensure they meet the needs of their constituents. For some organizations, change is difficult and requires a complete shift in culture. However, for those organizations who embrace the future, innovation is natural and welcomed. Cloud-based outsourced accounting leverages advanced technology and innovation to bring clarity and efficiency to your accounting function. Here a just a few of the innovative technologies supported by outsourcing.

Custom Reports & Dashboards

One of the biggest obstacles facing nonprofit organizations is the unknown. The inability to predict grant funding, donations or other monetary gains makes program planning difficult. The lack of consistent funding makes current data essential. If this data is available, often times, it is disorganized and incomplete. With outsourced accounting data is processed in a timely manner so current data can be utilized when making decisions about the future of the organization. Client specific dashboards are available to access reports and analytics about revenue, cash balances, budget comparisons and trends. An organization’s dashboard is the nucleus of all transactions where data can be reviewed in real-time. In addition to the dashboard, outsourced accounting software has the capability of creating customizing reporting. No matter how unique the desired financial metrics required by an organization, tailored reports can be created to display specific information. Outsourced accounting is all about matching the needs of the organization to ensure their financial health is clear and accurate.

InnovationTracking Apps
Imagine a world where you don’t have to rely on paper reporting to track transactions. Cloud outsourced accounting supports the innovation of apps which streamline your accounting function. Various tracking apps will support an organization’s day-to-day functions and dramatically improve efficiencies in management and reporting. Executive Directors and other decision makers can track an organization’s cash flow and payments from the ease of their cell phone or tablet. The data is accessible from anywhere that has an Internet connection. Tracking your financial data through the use of apps will increase the accuracy of financial reporting and may also prevent fraud as your data is visible and transparent.

Virtual Meetings
Quality of service will no longer be limited by geography. Outsourced accounting offers a virtual workforce, one that is highly qualified and experienced. Utilizing advanced communication technology such as video conferencing and instant messaging, meeting with the team of professionals is simple. Organizations can now have access to high-level expertise, extensive resources, and quality training.

It’s time to embrace innovation and experience the clarity and efficiencies cloud outsourced accounting delivers. Nonprofit organizations must adapt to new technology and its higher standards. Cloud outsourced accounting and the innovative technology it supports are the key to financial well-being. The ability to see numbers in real-time and know where an organization stands financially is something everyone should experience. Take the leap and let the innovation of WVC RubixCloud be your game-changer. Here are “10 Reasons You’ll Love WVC RubixCloud