Is Your Accounting Team Rock Star Quality?

RockstarRock Star. Professional. Thoughtful. On your game. Wonderful. Detail Oriented. Thought leader. Dedicated. Proactive. Thorough.

Late. Inaccurate. Slow. Inconsiderate. Second best. Painful. Careless. Incomplete. Unsure.

Which words would you use to best describe the individual who is guiding the financial strategy of your organization? If you did not associate any of the words from the first list, then it’s time to evaluate your direction. The first list contains the words our clients have been using to describe WVC RubixCloud as we assume the role of their accounting function and alleviate their financial stresses.

As recently as yesterday, a client expressed that she could not and would not make a cash deposit without first reaching out to the WVC RubixCloud team as we have become such an integral part of her everyday process. This is huge! This indicates our team is delivering the service and value that we intended to. When you make the decision to team with WVC RubixCloud you can expect game-changing results. Here are just a few of the personal testimonials about the ways in which WVC RubixCloud has positively impacted our current clients.

On Your Game
“A vendor incorrectly charged our organization more than three times than what was expected. The WVC RubixCloud team instantly recognized this erroneous charge. They were proactive in reaching out and scheduled a call with our organization and vendor to discuss the issue at hand and we were able to reach a successful resolve.”

Clarity I Didn’t Know Existed
“Our organization has had unknown liabilities hanging over our heads for two full years. We had received notice after notice with no one able to untangle our issue. Within one week of onboarding with WVC RubixCloud and receiving the correct information, we have cemented 90% of the liability and are making payments to rectify the situation.”

Dedicated Team
“From Executive Director on down, my organization greatly appreciates the personal attention and energy expended by the WVC RubixCloud team to make our transition as smooth as possible.”

Elite Professionalism
“Thank you for your elite professionalism and research. Your financial summaries ease my mind and provide me the opportunity to confirm our improved practices with billing this year.”

The decision to engage with WVC RubixCloud has proven to provide to our clients exactly what we set out to do:
1. Eliminate the stress of the accounting function
2. Provide timely, easily accessible and transparent financial information
3. Access to and reliance on a committed team to handle the day-to-day accounting duties
4. Access to a dedicated CFO to provide high-level guidance on issues previously undetected or overlooked
5. Dedicated time and ability to focus on important organizational issues such as fundraising, programming, or grant writing.

WVC RubixCloud has become an integral part these organization’s successful financial future. If you are wondering how WVC RubixCloud can be a game-changer for your organization, check out the “10 Reasons You’ll Love WVC RubixCloud” or call (419) 891-1040 to schedule an appointment today.