I’m Giving up…….

These are not exactly the words I wanted to hear from a prospective client.  I was knee deep in the selling process with this company, and the owner asked to meet for lunch.  Mind you, this prospect (as most seem to) would really benefit by outsourcing the accounting function. Over the last few years the business had grown significantly and was facing challenges with geography, staffing, and operations.

It’s very difficult to make someone see the value you can bring, but that’s part of the passion of doing what I do.  In the first meeting we had months ago I could sense the frustration, and even pain that he and his management team was facing daily.  He went from a cash fat business to a cash strapped business. They were struggling to manage the bank accounts for multiple locations each day, and the stress was visible for all.

While I always have the need to explain in general terms what “outsourced accounting” will look like, it is like trying to explain infinity to a child.  Unless you have experienced it, or even spoken to someone who has already done it, it is very difficult to imagine how it might work for your business.  Much like anything, that is just a lack of knowledge.  It does me no good to say “we will pay your bills, we will post your deposits, we will balance your books”.  That’s a given, and most business owners don’t understand what “balance your books” means, and they assume that’s already being done by their team internally, but that does not even matter, because with today’s technology, that piece is getting easier to do.

What matters is the phrase I opened with: “I’m giving up”. What he meant by this comment was that he was ready to hand the reins over to WVC RubixCloud.  After weeks, even months of me trying to convince him there was a better way to manage, he finally understood the value that we could bring.  As the lunch proceeded, he made many comments that now justified his decision internally to himself, and they were spot on:

• I cannot keep this all in my head if I want to continue to grow and be successful;

• I know how to pay my bills, but it takes too long and now that I have grown so much the volume is too much for my team to handle, and we are making mistakes;

• Important details are slipping through the cracks;

• I think that we are overspending in certain areas, but we are spending so much time just trying to pay the bills that we cannot analyze how much we are spending or even build a budget;

• I paid my CPA well over $30,000 last year to “clean up” my books before they could even start to work on my tax returns; and

• We are using people on our staff that are not accountants to step in and help with accounting related tasks and I think they have just been making the process difficult.

Have you ever found yourself with these same thoughts running around in your head? We are the accountants, and we can and will solve those problems for his Company.