Will AI really take away my job?

Every day my google alerts tell that because I am an accountant, I am going to lose my job to artificial intelligence.

I disagree.

When I think about the tasks that I perform daily in my job, I wonder how AI could replace them. Let’s start with Monday, last week. A potential new client called and wanted to meet regarding the pain points that she faces while performing daily accounting tasks.

  • • Could AI have played a role in driving to her office and walking through her business processes? It’s very likely.
  • • What about redesigning workflows and making recommendations for software and related third party integrations? Perhaps.
  • • What about having lunch with the owner of the business to recommend the overall project, timeline and cost? This might be where AI ends.

My daily tasks consist of some “functional” that I would love for AI to replace. “Hey Jennifer, we need a report that shows how much each employee contributed their 401k by month this year.” While producing that report is not time consuming or difficult, it is transactional, and I envision that within a year I will be able to speak to my computer and it will generate that report and email it to where it needs to go.

The part of my job that I love the most is telling the stories. You cannot tell stories without the data. As recent as five years ago trying to manipulate that data was very difficult. Even today, smaller businesses cannot get accurate data to analyze.

That’s the role that AI will play. It’s not going to take my job, it’s going to make it easier to get the information to tell the stories. AI will be doing the routine and transactional work, the data mining, the assimilation. AI is taking accounting to the next level- where it should be.

Preparing a tax return is a commodity- AI has already changed that. The value you gain from a true CPA is their ability to rise above the details and see and interpret the meaning in the data that the company holds. Finally, they must be able to educate you, through that trusted relationship on what that data means.